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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Sally, Fred & Edwin Are ALL Coming Soon …

For those still on the lookout for Sally with Cone, Fred (re-scaled) or Edwin Kranks – don’t worry – they are ALL coming back in the next shipments. We know for certain CASE B is all WOC: Race O Rama and I think it’s safe to presume that for the WM pallet coming also but there’s more of everything coming so again, don’t worry and don’t panic that any of the WM October ENDCAP or the Kmart CARS are not available again.

(the Piston Cup racers are NOT rescheduled for 2008 but then 2008 only has two months to run)


On a related note, while it seems like the Oversized are exclusives, they are technically NOT. WM may have convinced Mattel to ship them CASE B first but it will arrive elsewhere soon along with CASE A and probably OVERSIZED CASE C in the next month or so.

Printable Shopping Guide for October.

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