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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: The 800-lb Wal Mart Gorilla Has Bellowed

“The Mattel Warehouse is MINE!”

I will take ALL the oversized CASES B and maybe C!

I will take all the HAULERS for my stores!


And after December, whatever …

So, sorry to say – you will only find the oversized CARS (Marco, Mack Cab & Dinoco Helicopter) only at Wal-Mart for the new few months.

The first shipment of Haulers – all bogarted by the gorilla that is Wal Mart.

Mack Hauler, Chick Hicks Hauler & Gray, the King Hauler – all WM in 2008.

Shipments should resume to everyone after December.

Of course, Wal-Mart may not be entirely to blame as certain factions
within Mattel like to simplify things by only offering them to one retailer … especially odd in this circumstance the change did not seem to occur until very recently leaving many Mattel resellers hanging out after the rules & merchandise got changed …

Of course, changing to one retailer means Mattel must’ve got
a massive commitment to keeping the shelves full, right?

You did get Wal Mart to commit to buying like 30,000 cases?

Right? Right? Hello? Hello?

It doesn’t really serve any purpose just to cut off
shipments to other retailers and resellers, right?

Right? Right? Hello? Hello?

The reason CASE C is listed is because now NO ONE can say for certainty since
as with CASE A & B, it is listed as an item they are selling to their re-sellers but will they pull the rug out again if WM bellows in December?

Only Mattel & WM knows and they’re not saying.

(BTW, this is the Cy Gor Gorilla from McFarlane not a real Wal Mart gorilla).

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