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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart Collector Day Additional Info

As several readers noted, Kmart is not exactly a well-oiled execution machine where they are running on all cylinders … some Kmart’s, on the ball – running on high octane … others, a bunch of monkeys banging on coconuts … so your choice is the hallways with doors – choose the right one and it’s nirvana … choose the wrong Kmart and it’s ….


Of course, if we all knew the right choice, what’s the fun in that?

From some reports, some Kmarts have gotten in one big box marked – 108 CARS which is of course, 6 CASES of CARS plus some small ones which could be Mini’s or it could be M1054-9999 … presumably within the big box of 108 CARS, there are small boxes or the manager at that Kmart is not going to count that as “1” box … “please sir, the rioting is on the left,” “the screaming of obscenities is on the right” … if you are at such a store, please take some photos before rioting …

I have gotten word that 13 of each 18 CARS 1054-999 box will be of the “new” 7 CARS – in other words, in a box of 108, 78 will be “new” CARS. No, I do not know what the other 5 are but approximately 72% are new CARS – depending on how many cases your store actually gets and you can do the math of how many people constitutes what in terms of your odds of landing all 7 … basically, if all things are evenly distributed, if the store receives the box of 108, 11 or fewer means everyone should walk away with a full set of 7 of the ‘new’ CARS.

This of course, presumes that if there are 11 of you, you work out an equatable deal that everyone gets all 7 … because some pinhead might insist on buying 7 View Zeen’s. But 1 person being surrounded by 10 others should make it an interesting fight … I can see the eBay auction now … VIEW ZEEN with the BLOOD OF OTHERS!

A lot of people have mentioned box code 9993 so it would seem there are 6 boxes of 9998 with box 9993 … so then what are your odds?  If there are only 6 people there – you each get a box to buy as many as you want – presuming no one else shows up.

If there are more than 6 people – then presumably they will draw numbers and everyone gets a chance to buy 5 – as long are less than 22 people, you will get to draw again … while you might consider it crazy – some people might be happy buying 2, 4 or 5 CARS and calling it a day … but presuming that everyone buys the max 5 … then of course, if your number is higher than the 15th person in line, your odds of landing “the new” CARS grows dimmer and dimmer … BUT …

That’s presuming they only get ONE box of 108 … maybe they get two? Or maybe they get one large box and some smaller 9998 boxes … so until you call, confirm or show up, no one can really say what your odds really are.

Good luck!

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