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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart Collector Day Plan D

Do I have an employment questions about Kmart?

“How strong would you say the toy manager’s office door is to you know, like a hard shove?”

“Can I just work this Saturday from 8 AM to 11 AM?”

“What is the employee discount this Saturday?”

“Can I log onto eBay on this terminal?”

“If I were to slide this $100 bill towards you, would you mind turning around for 15-minutes?”

“Oh I know toys very well, like this box here 1054-9998 … I can tell you it’s full of old World of CARS cards … no one wants these … I’ll just slap on this Mattel return label … yes, they have a warehouse 6 blocks away from here, why do you ask?”

“Can I get a blueprint of your stock room?”

“Do you need strong employees?, Let me show you how I can carry these 6 small cases, er, I mean, boxes all the way to the far parking lot on a full run – okay, close your eyes and time me.”

“So, on Saturdays, if I want to quit, do you want me to write you a note or can I just text you?”

“I know I don’t actually work here yet, but I can trade shifts with someone on Saturday morning?

“When you say drug screening, you’re not really serious, are you?”

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