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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Expanded Universe-Storyteller Possible Diecast CARS

The new “World of CARS” book is a fun prequel to the movie & storyline in CARS. For those that are worried they polluted the timeline and canon stories, don’t worry – no one in Radiator Springs meets Lightning McQueen.

There are actually TWO VERSIONS of the book – the regular version (shown above) $10.87 – available at most bookstores including Amazon in the US.

At Target, there is an EXCLUSIVE version with a read-along CD – $15.29

(this is the regular book version front cover – and yes, they corrected the typo – well at least the Target version has the correct spelling of FOREWARD).

There are five stories – each featuring some CARS we already know well and of course, some new characters … so what new CARS are part of the Storytellers Expanded Universe?

Er, I smell a new checklist 🙂

Hoodwinked is about Mater, some bullies & backward’s driving … featuring:

Brand New Mater (with hood)
Stanley (already a statue)

NEW TO CARS Expanded Universe
Brand New Mater (with hood – fishing)
Brand New Mater (without hood)
Bubba – Red Large Tow Truck
Green Large Tow Truck
Cousin Jud (#5) Brown Demolition Derby-like CAR
Cousin Cletus (#6) Green Demolition Derby-like CAR
Cousin Buford (#7) Purple Demolition Derby-like CAR
Greta-like CAR
Mama Mater (mentioned but not shown)

Banged Up is the story of how Doc arrives in Radiator Springs … featuring:

Doc Hudson
Fabulous Hudson Hornet

NEW TO CARS Expanded Universe
Dustin Mellows-like Yellow Truck
Hank ‘Halloween’ Murphy-like Orange CAR
Old School Blue Reporter (with old flashbulb camera)
Old School White Fire Truck
Old School White Ambulance
Milton Calypeer-like Red CAR
“Woody”Yellow & Tan Station Wagon
Phillip – Red & White 1930’s Bugatti-like CAR
+Misc Other early 1950’s CARS.

My favorite short story of Flo as a Motorama “show girl” CAR … featuring …

Retro Ramone
Wedding Day Ramone

NEW TO CARS Expanded Universe
Laverne – Yellow Flo-like “Show Car”
Rhonda – Orange Flo-like “Show Car”
Sheila – Pink Flo-like “Show Car”
Red Bel Air 1950’s version
Mitch – Red & White “GM Futureliner“-like Car Transporter*
Nash Metropolitans
Ms. Victoria – Green Coupe


Mack helps the Rust-Eze brothers find a race car to sponsor …

Dusty Rust-Eze
Rusty Rust-Eze
Smell Swell McQueen
Sponsorless McQueen

NEW TO CARS Expanded Universe
Mario Andretti-like CAR (#67 instead of Mario’s #11)
Car with rusty bumper
Car with Greta-like flame paint job
Chick Hicks-like Piston Cup Racer (#10)
5 Misc Piston Cup like-racers (sponsors un-identifiable, smaller/lower race circuit like Nationwide/Busch series?)
Smokin’ Sammy Smelter (replaces McQueen as Smells Swell sponsored car) (not shown)
1950’s Pickup Truck – Smell Swell Owner (shown in shadow)
Misc Haulers
Ford Galaxy 1960’s (rusting)
Lightyear Blimp with McQueen Rust-Eze Ad on side
Mack without 95 logo on side


NEW TO CARS Expanded Universe
Luigi’s Uncle – Alfa Romeo
Fiat 500 Red 1960’s with Italian flag
Luigi with American flag
+Misc 1960’s CARS

*Yes, WANT!

Of course, we’ll see if they really make a full commitment to the Storytellers series after this holiday season but in case you thought they might be running out of CARS – yea, not actually part of the film but I’m okay with that … I would definitely want the CARS version of the GM Futureliner and the other ‘show car girls.’ A CARS Taxi would be very cool and any old school CARS are just fine by me.

The full story on the STORYTELLERS.


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