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Mattel Pixar CARS: Haulers CASE A & WM Endcap & Wal Mart Pallet Drop

Information continues to dribble out …

The first Trucks & Trailers/Haulers CASE A has been announced.

Mack is #1, Chick is #2 and Gray, the Dinoco hauler is #3 – they have their own numbering scheme … There are two of each in the Trucks & Haulers Case A.

We are certain WM will be getting these and presumably Target & TRU will also be getting these. It’s unclear if they are coming to WM as an endcap “re-stock” or as part of the November pallet drop in-the-aisle Cube. As you know, with WM, either words – endcap or pallet drop does not mean it will show up in your store(s) configured as such or more sadly – even show up at all.

I’m fairly certain it will actually be part of the pallet drop “cube” so it’s looking more like November – along with the other retailers. Plus with the holiday reset coming up, everything should be on the shelves by mid November anyway …

(again, if they show up at your particular store).

WM has them listed at $13.77.

In addition, WM is also getting their own “Mack” – their WM Mack also comes with three “cases” of Rust-eze.

More pics of 2009 haulers to come

(chart shows those out and those announced – yes, I’ll have to update for N20 Cola)

I have cleared the room for a Truck Stop playset … now, I’m just waitin’ on Mattel 🙂

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