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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Race O Rama Cards – Your Money’s Worth

The new World of CARS: Race O Rama design is literally a handful … you definitely get your money’s worth just in the packaging and inclusion …

Front of the card without the blister bubble.

The new name plate – actually taped in placed in the area below right. Of course, color coordinated to the CAR’s Collector Guide Booklet (coming in mid to late November).

More photos and details in our post HERE.

The new additional of “Meet My Friends” is nice for kids though seemingly written by a lawyer šŸ™‚

The majority of the cards appears to be different so that’s nice though no real rhyme or reason on which CAR appears on the back of another one … for instance, Mario Andretti is featured on the back of Snot Rod … though if you want a philosophical argument, since it’s McQueen doing the introductions … everyone is inter-connected.

Tank Coat Pitty appears on the back of both Axle Accelerator & Mario Andretti (no, not Snot Rod). The only so far in CASE A that is a repeat … okay, whoever starts that DB listing, email it to me later in the year šŸ™‚

Like in the best infomercials – wait, there’s more!

Of course, you know about THE CODE.

On the back of the name plate is the 16-digit code to enter in at WORLDOFCARS.com. The number above is for McQueen. Our post is here on the details of unlocking levels and bonuses. Our reader contributed DB of codes is here. Codes are currently not random and open to use.

BUT, don’t just yoink out the code and the CAR itself and call it a day!

Don’t forget the CHECK LIST poster!

The little COLLECT BY COLOR Sheet beneath the CAR is not to a piece of cardboard anymore but an actual mini poster. Thanks for the heads up & reminder – Traver & Ricky!

Backside of poster is blank. I thought there was another poster but it appears all the ones opened have this poster … The above scan is pretty much actual size if you’re curious. Yea, not real complete but still nice. When CASE B ships, we’ll know if there’sĀ  Mini Poster II.

So, pretty good deal. Not only do you get a CAR but a game code (okay, we subverted that but hey, that’s what us subversives do šŸ™‚ ) …, a mini poster, an intro to McQueen’s friends and a nice piece of cardstock to hold batting practice with (Hey, if David Wright & his buddies can make it to the majors practicing on cool ship lids, why not CARS cards?)

But, like you really needed a reason to buy these? šŸ™‚

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