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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: The Retail Power of CARS

“The world is collapsing on the radio …”

The ‘real’ world sure, but CARS LAND – lalalalala lalala …

Here is the beautiful photo by JD of a Walmart endcap a week ago …

And now, a week later? Same store.

From @200 singles, 14 oversized blisters and 6 Banshees to @70 singles, ZERO oversized and 3 Banshees?

1 week, 1 WM.

Economic problems? bailout? Recession?

Lalalallalala …

@$625 in sales for a 3 feet by 6 feet endcap AND of course, that NOT counting lost sales … and while, sales won’t be at this blistering pace every week of the year but if it did – we’re talking $33,000 a year in sales from one endcap at this rate for CARS if the shelves were stocked …

Other than antacid, what other WM endcap this week did $625 in sales*

*and based on our survey results, that meant $625 was really about 25% of the business they could have done if they had CARS enough to restock … or about $2,500 in possible business for one endcap for one week?

In fact, the real question might be – how many people walked away empty handed or was NOT able to buy as many as they wanted and left sad with more money in their pockets than they hoped?

Well, now WM might start to cry.

Cheer up Wally, you know that revenue is greater than this Target store …

So, what’s the takeaway lesson, kids that we all learned this week?

CARS is stable and UP for the week.

Not many stocks, bonds, muni’s, REIT’s, swaps, hedges and barrels of oil can say that this week and certainly in the next two months.

When you can hold quality, quality rules.

You tell me, would you rather invest in some CARS Haulers or FORD common stock in the next two weeks or two months?

I’m not giving financial advice, I’m just saying … 🙂

And further fun with numbers?

If every WM had actually set up the display properly and coordinated the launch – $625 x 3,800 stores is $2.4 million dollars in gross revenue just from CARS for ONE WEEK … and of course, that’s probably underdeliveries demand by anywhere from 50-75% percent …

And while $2.4 million is peanuts (and peanuty) when compared to selling Tide or Coke … how many other toy lines did that business in ONE WEEK at ONE RETAILER in the middle of an economic meltdown on some random week in September?

CARS – the golden audience in the Golden Age.

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