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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: TRU Buy 5, Get 1 CAR – Promo Part II

Uh oh, There’s no second sheet backup to the Buy 5-CARS Eagle’s-Nest Planogram when the holder gives way … fortunately no one will notice the flyers are on the ground if we drop some inventory there also? Though for a 2-year old, it is convenient.

So, while the Mattel reps brought the flyers – they neglected to bring any CARS … well, unless of course this is the plan – it certainly looks neat and orderly … if a bit repetitive.

Also note – when you are mailing in your cards, be sure to INCLUDE the UPC portion which actually comes on the nameplate underneath and is not part of the backing card which they seem to have missed.

In theory, they want the UPC and not the back card BUT technically, it’s says the backing card on the instructions so TO BE SAFE, mail both the backing card & the UPC portion tucked under the CAR – even though it says just the backing card, why have to do a second mailing?

If you can fit into a 5″ by 7″ envelope, you’ll pay less postage (@$1.60) because the post office consider this the maximum envelope size for normal first class.

Lorri asked an interesting question about whether this means TRU is just unwinding CARS singles as regular stock – in a word, no but that’s just too short of an answer for me 🙂  … This buy-some, send in UPC’s to get a collector “thing” is a common action figure-diecast promotion to clear the shelves of pegwarmers so the store will order new ones but I think the oddity is that most TRU’s are unevenly overstocked and in my area (and others?) it’s as if time froze over in January 2008 … they’re aren’t even Al Oft’s or Ghostlight Ramone’s warming the pegs …it’s Boost, Green Ramone & Sally … clearly, it’s not just slim pickings but slim’s thinner brother’s pickings … I’ll bet if TRU did an inventory poll, it would shock Mattel what feeblility they actually have on the shelves.

One reason I’m asking if you find your local TRU store stock less than um, perfect, please take a cameraphone pic and mail it to us at metroxing (at) gmail.com. I want to gather them and forward them.

DisneyCarsFanatic was kind enough to post their conversation and call to Mattel customer service …

I spoke with Laura from Mattel customer service today regarding the requirements for this 5 for 1 promotion.

While the Mattel 5 for 1 promo web site does states that you must mail in five blister cards (the entire cardboard piece, but not the car or plastic window), it is not clear that the portion containing the UPC is required; as the UPC is not part of the cardboard piece.

However, Laura states that this was an oversight that they just learned of yesterday. She confirmed with the promotion team that you must send in both the back card and the name card (the card on the bottom with the UPC). In other words, send in everything other than the car and the plastic window.

For those of you, like me, who did not include the UPC portion, Mattel with give us an opportunity to submit the UPC portion.

However, for those who have thrown away the UPC portion, Laura does not know if those will be honored. Obviously, I suggested that in good faith Mattel should honor those submissions as it is not stated in the promotion that the UPC is required. She has my contact information and plans to follow up with more information.

In the meantime, if you feel compelled to contact Mattel here is the number: 800-524-8697

Finally, I requested that they change their web site to indicate that the UPC is now required.

In Sum…

1) Buy 5 Disney Cars (yep the peg warmers)
2) Photocopy your receipt, the UPC codes and your completed form
3) Mail a) your original receipt(s) dated from August 18, 2008, to September 30, 2008, b) 5 blister cards and UPC card (all cardboard pieces, but not the car or plastic window) for each vehicle you are requesting (limit 10 Sidewall Shine vehicles per household), c) a completed order form (before sending make copies of all materials for your files) and d) a check or money order (unless you pay online via credit card) payable to MATTEL for $5.00 shipping and processing for each vehicle.”

Other details and first post about promotions is here.

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