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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Adventures Banshee

The Mini Adventures Screamin’ Banshee is coming in early May.

Here’s what the final box looks like (though Mattel may not have color corrected this file as the drawings show banshee as yellow but from the box art, he probably is yellow?)

The following are photos from Toy Fair (February 2008). It looks like they re-configured it to save on some packaging space – and now, it looks like we will need to assemble the “scoop” as well as the two tires on the other side of the Screamin’ Banshee.

From Toy Fair 2008, here are some shots of it out of the box …

It does seem cool, it can scoop up CARS in the front and the escape (from the back or side?) According to ChildrensToyCloset, The Screamin’ Banshee also features

… a working claw, swinging crane, red lights and fierce growling sounds.”

You also get Mini Mater.

Here’s the screenshot from the film, you can compare scale …. (too bad we lost the spike tires …).

While the Banshee is really for the Mini’s – since it can “eat” the CARS and shoot them off the side – but its size is so large, it’s in scale with displaying with the regular 1:55 series CARS.

If you are collecting the Mini’s or thinking about it, here’s the checklist.

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