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Mattel DC Comics Batman Diecast 2008 Checklist: Every Scale Known to Mankind …


After 40 years, the George Barris Batmobile from the 1966 TV series still RULES ALL.

And in 2008, Mattel is going to deliver just about every version in every nearly every scale.


I’m not normally a large-scale (1:24, 1:18) diecast collector but these all look blazing cool …

The “regular/standard issue” 1:18 scale Batmobile
(currently shipping or very soon):



This retails for around $29 to $35. This version has opening doors, non-opening hood & trunk (why is that noted? Keep reading!)

The Elite 1:18 scale version Batmobile
(April 2008):


The Elite version will feature opening doors, opening hood, jet motor detail, and opening trunk with Bat computer inside. This model will include bat logos, front and rear antennas, photo etched beacon, real canvas parachute bags, plus metal missile launchers. The interior will include piped trim, fabric seat belts with bat logo buckle, bat phone, and fire extinguisher. This one will retail for around $79.

Holy Bat Detailing!

But if you think that is the Bruce Wayne of Batmobiles, check out the “upgrade.”

The Super Elite 1:18 scale version Batmobile
(May 2008):


The Super Elite version comprised of over 400 parts. This Super Elite version features opening doors, opening hood with jet motor fully detailed & real braided hoses, and an opening trunk with Bat computer. This model will include bat logos, front and rear antennas, plus photo etched beacon, real canvas parachute bags, and metal missile launchers. The interior will include piped trim, fabric seat belts with bat logo buckle, bat phone, and fire extinguisher. The Super Elite car is also mounted on a leather covered base & individually numbered (0001 to 1966). This one will retail for around $269 to $299.

Holy Bat Bankroll!

If those are a bit out of your budget, step over to the 1:50 scale showroom.


This will appear on a blister card and be available at most of your normal Mattel diecast retailers. The announced cars & motorcycles include …

Batmobile (1966)
Batcycle with Sidecar (1966)
Batman Animated Series/Justice League Unlimited Batmobile
Batman Begins Tumbler
Comic Batmobile


And if you prefer the classic 1:64 scale, of course, the Batmobile has been out since last year but apparently in the DNA of every Hot Wheels collector is the need to buy EVERY Batmobile they see selling on a store peg – I have yet to visit a comic or toy show where there are 4 or 5 guy selling 125 Batmobiles for $1 to $2 … so in case you’re wondering why they’re in EVERY case of Hot Wheels since last spring but good luck finding one of the shelves …



(There is also a variant with a different grill that tends to sell for more but of minimal consequence for most openers).

There are also two 5-packs from the Gotham City collection:


From the recent film, the Batmobile “Tumbler” is also included but if you want the BEST sculpts, you’ll want the the 1:64 versions that come in the half-circle pack called Batman Begins “Limited Edition for Adult Collectors.”



These are photos of the actual cars – great sculpts & detailing for 1:64 and at “normal” retail price – a great deal at $9.99 but most likly, if you find it online, it will cost you much more.

These two are also available in the 1:18 scale from Mattel but in my opinion, just not as impressive – the bottom line is the car design itself, while interesting just can’t compete on sheer coolness with the George Barris 1966 Batmobile:


And IMHO, the “regular” version gold areas on this diecast just makes it all the cheesier and more ‘plasticky’ looking …



Both came out in 2005 but still generally available for @$35 each but again, IMHO, not nearly as nice as the $9.99 for two Mattel 1:64 versions.

1:64 fans should also pick up the Johnny Lightning Lincoln Futura car that the Batmobile was built on … another great sculpt by JL!


Of course, from the comics of the 1940’s to today, Batman has always had some wheels (not being blessed with actual superhero powers 🙂 ) … some very common, some weird and some cool. Wikipedia has a great history of all the Batmobiles. (BTW, Corgi has released a slew of them in 1:43 scale until recently).

Okay, I guess I exaggerated a little on the scale, I see no listing from Mattel for 1:87 scale or 1:12 cars but hey, the year is only 2 months old 😉

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