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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mark Winterbottom Frosty 2

Looks like “Quercy” has tracked down the new Frosty 2 that will be an Australia exclusive … will it be a Chase? A Super Chase?


Will the promotions be around Fall, 2013 like last year? Here’s the race schedule for the Australia V8 Supercars Series. I think last year, the first promotions was at the Sandown Race? Recap of the promotions last year in Australia.

Here’s what Mark Winterbottom’s new real car looks like.

We missed his one race appearance in America.

And info on the promotions deal he signed with Target Australia for 2013the kids love him!

You can buy lots of fun Frosty stuff in Australia.

Thanks “Quercy” for the nice photo!

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