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Disney Pixar CARS & PLANES: Kmart & Target Sale

It looks like Kmart has all CARS products and some PLANES products on sale through Monday July 8th.


Remember the Ivan promotion runs until August 8th. It doesn’t just have to be diecast – anything from Mattel (includes Fisher Price? Owned by Mattel) also counts. Oversized deluxe are on sale until Oversize until 7/20 (for what that’s worth). :-/


The Target sales ends Saturday, July 6th.


Thanks for the heads up and photos, “Quercy.”

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  • John in Missouri says:

    The next few months are going to be a bad stretch for Cars collectors. I’ve been finding that Cars sections are shrinking to make room for Planes. So a double-pegwarming situation is happening, as Planes won’t be selling at all and there is no room for fresh Cars on top of the current pegwarming Cars.

  • BMW says:

    While we don’t have Kmarts here and I have to trade to get the Kmart exclusives, its clear why Kmart is gone from my city. The prices shown in these pictures tell me why. Target and Walmart beat Kmart easily on prices even with Kmart’s “sale” or price drop on regular Cars items.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I went to my local Kmart yesterday. Planned to buy a Raoul hauler and a Dustin to maybe get customized. Regular price would have put me right at $20 to get another Ivan. The sale price for both came in just under $20, so I would have had to buy something else that I don’t want to get another Ivan. Guess I’ll wait until Tuesday.

  • cac1959 says:

    A sale’s not really a sale if there isn’t product to sell… 3 Kmart stores today… the closest to having merchandise was one with Raoul Caroule (both rubber tires and silver series).

    I did get 2 Darrell Cartrip with Headset at a Target store… I didn’t need them, but they were on sale.

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