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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: The Ivan & Muggsy Unboxing

Well, it seemed real straightforward and simple. For every $20 worth of Mattel Disney CARS, get a free Ivan!

For “BMW,” it was pretty straightforward. Mattel packed it nicely in a box – not just shoving it into a padded envelope AND on card – nice!


The Kmart snipe is a sticker – easy to modify if they re-release Ivan.

Yes, Ivan is scheduled to be re-released but no set schedule so as you know, that might mean it’s released in 2 months or NEVER … you know how that goes, it you stock up, it gets re-released in September. If you buy only one, it never gets re-released … :-/

I’m just telling you it’s on the list. That is all the info I have and I am NOT venturing a guess as you can never out guess Mattel.


Thanks for the nice photos, “BMW.”

Of course, “Tom D’s” shipment is great … and annoying …

Tom D got Muggsy Liftsome (instead) – in some ways a nice surprise but now Tom D needs to spend another $20 and spin the wheel of shipping chance – get another Muggsy Liftsome or get an Ivan.

Muggsy Liftsome

Muggsy is a long and twisted distribution story. He was listed as an oversized deluxe release for most of 2012 but because of too many Finn Deluxe versions clotting the shelves, there was very little retail interest in new Deluxe oversized CARS so Muggsy was put on the back burner … then in late December, 2012, he appeared to be an exclusive Kmart release (along with Ivan & Green John Lassetire).

But then nothing. As we got closer to June, 2013, we were told there would be no Kmart CARS Day but instead there would be a promotions – every $20 purchase of Mattel Disney Pixar CARS products would net you a free Ivan. The Green John Lassetire was announced as the mail away for October, 2013 but no word on Muggsy Liftsome. But surprise, here he is!

muggsy cardback

Thanks for the great pics, “Tom D.” and congrats and sorry on getting Muggsy!


The problem is a) are they really out of Ivan’s or b) is it totally random – mine are arriving in the next few days but everyone else chime in with I GOT IVAN or I GOT MUGGSY! That seems to be the only way we’ll know for sure.

Of course, you also get the 2013 CARS poster.

The other problem is what is left to buy at Kmart if you want to try your luck at the Muggsy Liftsome lotto?

Km pegs

More details of “the sale” plus links to the promotions.

So, we don’t know after a week of redemption if they are really out of Ivan or it’s totally random.

Will the retail versions of Ivan show up in October on the Kmart CARS Days 2013?

Will Muggsy Liftsome be available at retail at KM then also?

Will the mail away in October mean you might get the Green JL truck?, Muggsy? OR Ivan as your redemption?


We will also find out together in this crazy messed up, mixed up, kooky, ooky and downright dookie inchoate scenario … or SNAFU for those who’ve been playing along since 2006 … What do you want? Will you curse as you crack open your box – how many people will scream to the heavens like Kirk or Costanza – MMMMMMAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!


Well, thanks for the nice photos, “BMW,” and “Tom D.”

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  • gargan123 says:

    I sent off for 1 Ivan and I got 1 Ivan. I really want a Muggsy Liftsome if someone has an extra to sell.

  • Tom says:

    I hit the Kmart in Manistee, Michigan yetserday. They didn’t even have a peg for deluxes, but I was lucky enough to find 2 Mary Esgocars, 2 Silver Lewis Hamiltons and a Fillmore Crew Chief, enough for me to send away and hopefully get Ivan to go along with my Ivan disguised as Muggsy.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Sent away for 1 Ivan, received 1 Ivan.

  • NeilJam says:

    I sent in for 6 Ivans. Hopefully some, but not all, of those will be Mugsys.

  • CarsFan70MI says:

    I would love a K-Mart Muggsy Deluxe.

    If someone has received a Muggsy and wants a Ivan, send me an email and we can do a straight up trade.


  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    Just sent mine in this week, so I have a while to wait. Their evil marketing plan definitely worked on me. While there weren;t many Cars to buy, I bought 2 “haulers” for the Ivan and ended up also buying, 2 outfits for my boys, some 4th of july dishtowels and Dr. Pepper flavored Hubba Bubba, ha!

    (MET: If only Dr.Pepper Hubba Bubba counted! ).

  • BMW says:

    My grandson should get his shipment of 5 today. I have 2 more shipments of 3 in transit too.

    Will post what we get for the 9 ordered between us.

  • Wraukn says:

    My 5 were all Ivan.

  • cac1959 says:

    7 out of 7 so far are Ivan… another is in transit… it’s been difficult to buy decent Cars… some of the Kmart stores I’ve been in haven’t even had $20 worth of Cars in their entire inventory.

    I’ve made 40 Kmart trips to 16 different Kmart stores within 150 miles of home… I’ve bought very few decent Cars..

    Materhosen, Dustin, and Mack for 1

    Materhosen and 9 Kmart 6 The King for 2 (got these at a Kmart near my wife’s parents’ house)

    Materhosen (x2), Dustin (x2), 4 2 packs, and 2 Andre Transforming Transporter for 4

    Materhosen, Francesco Fan Mater, and Elvis for 1

    I will probably buy enough for 2 more Ivan closer to the end of the program… but unless there are more reports of Muggsy, they’ll have to be better Cars.

    I hope the return of the one day event in October brings good news… like jstrjef, 3 of my closest Kmart stores have closed in the last 12 months (on top of 4 more that closed 2 to 3 years ago)… I’ll drive 200 miles the day of a Kmart event – it’s been worthwhile while trips during the promotion have often not been.

    • NeilJam says:

      I thought my Kmarts were behind still having rubber tire and silver WGP cars. Too bad mine didn’t also have Piston Cups cars like The King.
      I think only one around me has gotten the special Maters case and I just got the others from it.

  • jestrjef says:

    Mine are scheduled for delivery today! Anxiously awaiting the UPS man!! LOL

  • collectormom says:

    Darn, no KM in Germany! I posted our needs in the forum, if someone could help us out that would be great 🙂

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