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Mattel Disney Toon PLANES: Propwash Junction Airport Playset + Skipper First Look

One of the main playsets for PLANES will be the “Propwash Junction Airport” playset …


It may or may NOT come with everything you see here … My guess is you get a plastic Skipper and that gray plane is really just an accessory to spin around. (the Skipper looks like the diecast version – just for show here). It doesn’t seem to be a launcher, it’s play value simply seems to be you drop a plane down the ramp and I guess it rolls down the hangers?


And I think they just placed a Pitty in the control tower so you can see how it “plays.”


This is the first look at Skipper as a toy character. He looks pretty much like his character from AIR MATER but then again, as a plastic piece, it doesn’t give a full story.

Skipper Flight

The other playset/display is Yorkie the aircraft carrier and something called a “Sky Track Challenge” playset … again, the problem with planes is that they offer much less play value on a track than cars do …

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23 January 2013 Disney Pixar, Disney Planes 5 Comments


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