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Mattel Disney Pixar PLANES: Aircraft Carrier Coming to Port (Updated!)

His name is Yorkie … while we have not seen the aircraft carrier from the film PLANES … he probably looks a lot like the aircraft carrier seen briefly in MOON MATER …

ToyFountain sends us a screenshot from the PLANES trailer, guess I forgot about this shot – thanks, ToyFountain.

Planes movie carrier

Definitely more complex than the carrier in MOON MATER – the cap is a nice touch – not sure the final release will be wide enough to park two planes on the deck.

(and no – no Navy Pitty’s listed yet)

Not a bad size … about 18″ in length – the Disney Store Combat Ship is @21″ so pretty good size …

Though it all depends on how wide he is and what size the planes in PLANES actually are … Falcon Hawk sized … pretty good … ship needs be a little wider but close …


Barney Stormin’ sized? Not as good – not much room for the control towers …


But if you like giant hunks of plastic, Yorkie is no yorkie …


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16 January 2013 Disney Pixar, Disney Planes 9 Comments


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