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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Metallic Silver Oddity EU

In addition to the metallic silver series arriving on the new “Themes 2013” card designs

Silver Racer

“Dolly P.” sends us additional photos of TRU in Germany-Austria that have the Australian cards (presumably) that are NOT supposed to go to Europe.

siler also

First, in Europe, they are not supposed to get the Australian cards as they are English only on the front – so for Europeans to complete their Silver Series of WGP racers, do they need to go to TRU to buy the “Kmart CARS Day #8” silver racers on the Porto Corsa cards and then go to other stores to pick up the “Kmart CARS Day #9” silver racers? Or is this a one-shot case shipping mistake?

Here is their shipment to Australia POST.

Thank for the photos, “Dolly P.”

Ach-tung! Collect Them All!

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  • niftynigel says:

    The five silver racers shown on the Porto Corsa cards have been available in Disney Stores in the UK since the beginning December. It was thought (and hoped) that the ‘other five’ silver racers (similar to Kmart #9 plus Lighting McQueen) would have been available by now, but sadly that looks unlikely as Mattel have released the 2013 style cards into the UK. Currently the new 2013 silver racers are touted as being a limited edition and are available at Argos (catalogue stores) and Smyths Toy superstores. There have been no other reports of other retailers selling them, but that may change! The first cases of 2013 ‘standard’ singles will follow shortly after, possibly early February. Cases W1938-997P (similar to US case B) and 997Q (similar to US case C) should be the first released. These cases have appeared in Germany and Holland.

    The Cars 2 series appears to have been cut short, with Fabrizio to Sir Harley Gassup yet to make an appearance in UK/European stores!

  • BMW says:

    The Euro Silver series cards are nice, the HHPC Mcqueen is what the USA should have gotten at Kmart 9 instead of the 5 repeats per case from Kmart 8. HHPC Mcqueen is nice I want that one.

  • cac1959 says:

    I plan on getting the Jeff Gorvette that includes the Corvette logo on the hood and the Hudson Hornet Piston Cup McQueen which has not been released in the US… yet… if it’s the same Car on a new cardback, I’m not going to do it this time… really… what? You don’t believe me either?

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