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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Metallic Silver Oddity EU

In addition to the metallic silver series arriving on the new “Themes 2013” card designs

Silver Racer

“Dolly P.” sends us additional photos of TRU in Germany-Austria that have the Australian cards (presumably) that are NOT supposed to go to Europe.

siler also

First, in Europe, they are not supposed to get the Australian cards as they are English only on the front – so for Europeans to complete their Silver Series of WGP racers, do they need to go to TRU to buy the “Kmart CARS Day #8” silver racers on the Porto Corsa cards and then go to other stores to pick up the “Kmart CARS Day #9” silver racers? Or is this a one-shot case shipping mistake?

Here is their shipment to Australia POST.

Thank for the photos, “Dolly P.”

Ach-tung! Collect Them All!

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