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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Metallic Silver Series Arrives in the EU

“Dolly P.” sends along photos of the Metallic Silver WGP racers in Europe.

Of course, in the US, we had called them Kmart CARS Day Metallic Silver CARS …

Silver Racer

These arrived in the US last June so we still got the Porto Corsa motif design, these have been updated to the new “Themes 2013” design. And of course, the Kmart exclusive snipe has been replaced with the silver medallion snipe on the right side of the card.

What’s more interesting is that Disney at recent licensing shows and toy fairs have been pushing a new “Silver Series” alluding to the fact there will be magazines & books explaining the back story of this series … but also implying these back stories cover racers and races featuring both CARS 1 and CARS 2 characters … so will the Kmart CARS Day Event #10 feature metallic silver Piston Cup racers from CARS 1?

Unknown as of now, there is no specific info to more silver racers in the US and no specific listing for Kmart CARS Day #10 so it’s wait and see.

BTW, the EU Metallic Silver series shown above only has 10 CARS racers listed, no Rip – sorry!

Thanks for the nice pics, “Dolly P.”

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21 January 2013 Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 5 Comments


  • Mike Manifold says:

    So these are plastic tire silver Cars, eh? It would be funny if Mattel ended up giving us plastic tire silver Rip instead of rubber tire silver Rip…. and whereas I will only buy regular paint Rip. Mattel: I will buy a rubber tire, regular paintjob Rip, and regular Rip in a WGP launcher. Got it? Thanks.

  • D J says:

    Pssstt…the cars shown are from last October, not June.

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    If anyone hasn’t noticed, the McQueen is different – it’s metallic Hudson Hornet Cup McQueen instead of the Kmart one

  • toyfountain says:

    LMcQ should be interesting to keep an eye on. There is the Cars 2 version which was released at K-Mart events. The Cars 1 version of LMcQ and silver rip was seen in China’s backdoor cars. Maybe the UK will get both LMcQ’s if they are lucky along with the silver rip.

  • John in Missouri says:

    It would be nice if Kmart Day #10 would be a partial catch-up event like Kmart Day #6, giving us both Silver Series Rip and rubber tire Rip.

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