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Vacuum Filled with Creamy Mock Twinkies & Ho-Ho’s

While Hostess is off the shelves, Safeway has filled the missing vacuum of cream injected sponge & chocolate cake with “Snack Artist” versions – who needs Twinkies or Ho-Ho’s when from the drawings, these will walk into your mouth?


I would’ve bought some or gotten better pictures but as I was unable or unwilling to actually bend over. Seriously, they have to put these on a higher shelf – how much work do you expect me to exert to pick up cream* filled sponge cake? 🙂

*I’m presuming it’s non-diary cream that is composed of several dozen really long syllable laden words.

(The chocolate cupcakes are Ho-Ho’s, right? Or are they Ding-Dong’s?)

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27 December 2012 Food 3 Comments


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