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Disney California Adventures “Off the Page” Signing Event

Yesterday was the day Chip Foose & John Lasseter was at the store to sign CARS items … Thanks for the nice photos, “Nikko.”

Apparently it did not go very smoothly …

You had to get a numbered voucher and be in line when it was your turn but apparently after about #50, they decided to just go with first come, first serve? Details are hazy …

The big CARS item of interest was the John Lassitire CAR – not diecast – ceramic? About 1:18 scale – $150. Only 300 available.

I’m surprised it didn’t go smoothly, this seems like an event they have all the time – maybe they didn’t anticipate the interest in Chip Foose & John Lasseter which seems odd to under-estimate that ..

“Allen P.” adds this note:

“I’m sorry to say that my family went to one of your advertised events at Disney’s California Adventure.  This is the one where the legendary Chip Foose and Mr. John Lasseter of Pixar were scheduled to sign items in the Off The Page store.  My family purchased $600.00 worth of merchandise and waited in line for over 5 hours.  Mr. Lasseter decided to leave and go to another engagement leaving over 100 fans who traveled as far as Seattle, Washington and some who spent their Christmas money just to make it to this signing; hanging and shattered.

Please do not post anymore signings involving John Lasseter.  He has demonstrated that the little people mean nothing to him or Pixar.  On the other hand, if Chip Foose is participating in any signings, please let us know.  He demonstrated true dedication by staying until the last item was signed.”


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9 December 2012 Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 8 Comments


  • TopherDawg says:

    Oh nice, some figures did get signed.

  • tjschatter says:

    I went to the event with Nikko. Yes, Disney really did mess up the whole line thing. It was supposed to be in the order of your voucher number with the earliest people getting the lowest voucher numbers. People were in line very early in the morning to be one of the first to buy merchandise. Thus people with really high numbers would have had a good understanding that they might not get their items signed. It was noted that it was only a 2 hour event. Unfortunately, people that got their early and bought their stuff and received a low voucher number still ended up standing in a very long line and had to see others who came later in the day go ahead of them. That is where the biggest issue was. I thought John was awesome. It is Disney that prevented some people from being able to get their items signed. The line was not controlled well and the first 50 people took up most of the time. After that the line began to move because it was controlled better. I think if they had controlled the line this way from the beginning all would have been able to get their merchandise signed. I blame Disney for the mess not John. We have no idea what that other commitment was or how important it was. It might have been something he could do nothing about. I waited in line for 3 1/2 hours and I was one of the people who got their early and had voucher number 61. It was the first time I ever felt really frustrated at a Disney event.

  • TopherDawg says:

    This piston cup clock was about 12 inches or so. Only available at this event. There are a bunch of other sized piston cup stuff around the park and they are generally bigger.

  • PirateDad says:

    Sorry for those who had difficulties there. Those events can be wondrous when run smoothly and horrible when that happens. 🙁

  • John in Missouri says:

    Sounds like John Lasseter made this event as successful as his Ultimate Chase Cars idea.

    Allen P. — was the $600 put on credit card? If so, I’d initiate a dispute with your bank.

  • cars4josh says:

    Anyone have any info on the size of the piston cup they have and where one might find it for sale?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    As cool as it would be to meet John Lasseter, there is no way in the world I would wait 5 hours for his signature.

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