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Fun Stuff at This Week
Posted in Design on 6 July 2012
Stats: and 1 Comment has a lot of fun stuff available this week …some very cool posters and t-shirts … Sign in or sign up here.

The Gumball Dress
Posted in Design on 14 May 2012
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I wonder if you might get a few comments … well, any that you could repeat without getting slapped or beaten. 🙂 You can order it HERE.

Wallpaper To Cause Hallway Crashes …
Posted in Design on 10 May 2012
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The perfect wallpaper (if you like crashes into your wall): Check it out at

For Mother’s Day & No Waiting For Kmart CARS Day
Posted in Design on 20 April 2012
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Surprise her on Mother’s Day with Alsa Stretch Chrome Film … TaDa! Don;t stop at the mirror – chrome the entire car! Much easier to find in the parking lot! And who needs to wait for Zamak/Metallic or Ransburg CARS when you can wrap it in chrome sheets and heat shrink it! Even on sale this […]

Hello, My Name Is … Napkins
Posted in Design, Food on 11 April 2012
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Fun MY NAME IS NAPKINS … A multi-pack with note paper & frame paper is available from Amazon.

Star Wars Helmet Computer Wallpaper
Posted in Design, Internet on 9 April 2012
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Plus many more cool and beautiful designs from artist Tomas S. Check out his entire gallery (all free downloads) and in nearly every size & resolution.

The VW Camper Tent + One for Yogi
Posted in Design on 30 March 2012
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Your tent will be easy to spot … Replica 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van 4-person Tent (yep available at Amazon, what isn’t? 🙂  ). They claim it’s 1:1 scale and the doors open – also is two rooms … As the old saying goes, if this tent is a rockin’, you did not stake it properly […]

The Circle of Life Way to Store Your CARS …
Posted in Design, Toys on 29 March 2012
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From artist David T. Waller, his art piece called UNIVERSE – his website & his FLIKR page. 2,500 diecasts. The FLIKR page has full res versions and you can spot some Disney Pixar CARS – there’s at least 1.  🙂

Converse Chuck Taylor & Dr. Seuss Sneakers
Posted in Design on 22 March 2012
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If they’re Chuck Taylor’s, you gotta call them sneakers … Too nice to wear? Some actually available in adult sizes … Available at Converse directly or at Amazon (for a few bucks less).

Resin Art – 3D Goldfish
Posted in Design on 5 March 2012
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Artist Riusuke Fukahori has a pretty unique style. What looks like real goldfish or even real goldfish trapped in resin is actually 3D painting done by hand. He pours in resin – then paints a layer and pours in more layers of resin and more layers of painting until it looks eerily real … (the […]