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Mattel Hot Wheels Pixar Disney 100 5-Pack

The Pixar Disney 100 5-Pack is a nice way to collect 4 of the Pixar movie die casts that are hard to to collect as singles.

The 5th car is strangely Cruella DeVil’s car, not actually a Pixar movie car but okay … it has “eyes” so I guess they counted. it as one??

From Pixar, you get the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, the Pizza Planet truck from Brave, the Onward Van and the RC Buggy from Toy Story films … 1/64 scale.

Very display friendly as they just rest in the sleeve and you can pop them back in the box anytime.

Solid metal die cast – while some might quibble it’s not a 100% Toyota Hilux, in the Toy Story movies, they did not license from Toyota so it’s accurate from the Toy Story films …

The Pizza Planet truck from Brave … yes, the movie is set in ancient Scotland, this was at the home of a witch who clearly has a time portal …

Looks like wood but all die cast, great looking.

The “GMC” van from Onward named Guinevere.

Solid metal die cast also.

The RC Buggy from Toy Story (all of them).

Perfect detailing!

You can untuck the antenna.

And Cruella DeVil’s car – apparently called the Panther De Ville … not Pixar but it has eyes so I guess it gets lumped in … it seems we could’ve gotten the Incredibles car or the truck Dory & Hank drives around in FINDING DORY …

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13 May 2023 Mattel, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS One Comment

One Comment

  • Mapplesoft says:

    The Cruella car is not my favorite, and yeah, not even Pixar. Instead, they should have released McQueen as if he were a real car–with open windows so you can see the interior, transparent windshield, no mouth, etc. That could be a really unique release. Plus in 1:64 scale!

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