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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Kathy Copter 2023 Variant

Thanks, “Mark T.” for the heads up & photos.

Kathy Copter 2023 is a variant for completists and now, technically the most accurate release.

While Kathy Copter appears to look. the same, she now more accurately matches her screenshot

She is clearly wearing a cap, in previous releases, it was metal that just extended to the top blades … so yes, more plastic and less of a unibody but more accurate.

Her RSN Network sign is at an angle matching the screenshot, previous ones were straight.

The rest the same so it’s subtle … you can add, replace or ignore – your call.

Grouped in with CARS 3 category … since she was first released with CARS 1, considered a CARS 1 release. I do not recall seeing her in CARS 3 – anyone remember her?

Race Team Fillmore is also shown as a CARS 3 release, he was in the pits numerous times … but for collectors, a CARS 1 release. I have not seen the 2023 re-release but probably but a variant? Unknown as of now.

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  • dvincent says:

    Oh well, another variant then…

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Hello Met
    I have the original release – Supercharged or Race o rama or World of Cars? – I must re-look at Kathy next time I see her and pick her up because of the cap.

    Finally getting ‘Om The Road’ or any Cars here in New Zealand – 6 months later. Purchased Greebles and Racing Center Cruz Bamirez at retail. Also Gearsten Marshall from an onlime retailer. There were others but I had already payed gouged prices for them, aaagh.

    I did manage to get Tractor with Tire In Mouth at retail last year so I went silly and bought 3. Wonderful to buy them at retail prices. Ka-chow!

  • RCcars5 says:

    Come on, guys… This is a 2021 release. I used to adore this website, and now you’re not even close to the mark.

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