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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles Case DXV-95BH – New For 2022

Singles Case DXV-95BH has a lot that’s new For 2022 plus the second new diecast. A nice case if you’re a variant collector plus a new diecast.

Keith Kone – all new.

Variant – Damaged The King.

We covered the variant Mel Dorado earlier last week. It actually looks more matte yellow than gold but it’s a variant nevertheless … same with variant Cruz as Francine Beltline.

First release with the eyelid line. Brad Winmiler & Lee Racé. I presume Spinout Lightning has the eyelid line but with the tires over them, hard to tell. It looks mostly the same so long time collectors do not really need this release but nice to see him back …  It’s the first appearance in 2022 of Finish Line McQueen (out in 2021).

UPDATE – “techphilosopher” notes that Lee Racé seems to be the first CHASE CAR re-released – nice catch! It seems to be the same release (and accessory) other than the eyelid line.

And yes, the general rule is that a “Chase” won’t be re-released for at least a year (been about 8 years) so …

Not new but nice to see more in 2022.

Common re-releases.

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  • DisneyLover55 says:

    This is a good looking case! I want to get a good majority of the cars in here.

  • SEDEMA says:

    Avete notato che il blister di Saetta Finish Line ha la foto di Saetta Tongue…..

    (MET: Did not look that closely but thanks!).

    • quercy says:

      You are right the card shows “Tongue McQueen”. This is the first time we have Finish Line McQueen on a single card. Was released as “single” in the puzzle box series. Also released in a 3-pack, 10-pack and 11-pack.

  • techphilosopher says:

    Has there been a Chase car like Lee Race rereleased as a non chase later?

    (MET: Nice catch! Updated).

    • quercy says:

      I believe Chuki, Ferrari F430 and Mario Andretti had a Chase package under Race-O-rama series and regular release as well.

      (MET: Technically, they were released on exclusive “Chase” cards that were not repeated … AND Ferrari F430 and Mario were already out as singles, can’t remember the timing on Chuki … that was also in the era of the “Confetti” bubble design though those chase cars, the Impound CARS have never returned … so YOU MAKE THE CALL … LINK)

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