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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2022 Singles Case DXV-95BG

The 2022 Singles Case DXV-95BG is out. It looks a nice case to stock empty peg stores but we’re still eagerly awaiting the CARS TV Series, CARS ON THE ROAD diecasts …

I think Paul Conrev with the eyelid line has been out in multi-packs but the 1st time as a single?

Returning releases “new” with eyelid lines: Lightning with Rust-Eze Sign, APB, Jonathan Wrenchworths and Mater with Balloon and in this release, you assemble the balloon, I’m pretty certain the last release had the balloon already glued on.

Not new but nice to see more of these releases.

Common re-eeleases.


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  • quercy says:

    Paul Conrev was released as single in 2019. Also available in 2020 two-pack with Jackson Storm, 2018 Piston Cup Competition 5-pack and 2020 Piston Cup Race 11 pack.

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