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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Online 10-Pack & 3-Pack New Look

Thanks for he heads up, “Carl P.”

The new online 10-packs & 3-packs have a nice new look …

Nice perforated tabs for each car.

Box back with all the legalese.


The 10-pack – same front artwork.

These 10 were released in an online box set last year.

Disney Pixar Cars Florida International Speedway Die-Cast 10-Pack

Disney Pixar Cars Radiator Springs Die-Cast Toy Vehicles 3-Pack

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  • mikecee81 says:

    If you look at the Amazon picture of the 3 pack ..you will notice the top of the box has an “Incredibles logo” and name attached to it. So legit? I am not sure.

    • Real Gone says:

      That is a good point-I mean, it could be legit but probably isn’t. It would help to see the back of the box as well. I did notice in the same place on the 10 pack box it has the proper Cars insignia which actually proves your point.

      Has anyone out there bought one of these? What is printed on the chassis of the vehicles and is there a proper printed date stamp? That would tell us if these are legit or not. (Or at least help.)

      (MET: These are legit, from a Mattel PR email. The 3-pack shos the back legalese which is the right amount of legalese 🙂 CARS made in Mattel’s ‘captive plants’ do not contain date codes since they trst the vendor).

      • Real Gone says:

        Thank you Met-much appreciated. If only I was looking for more than Gen 2 RPM64!!! I just can’t justify that much to only get one I didn’t already have. I’ll have to keep waiting and watching.

    • quercy says:

      I didn’t noticed that on the Amazon pics but I received mine with Cars logos (at both ends of the box). There was no Incredibles logo…

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