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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Truck or Treat, the Board Book & Diecasts

Thanks “Carl P” for the nice screenshots and heads up on the Pixar board book, “Truck or Treat” which is not much of a book for anyone above the age of 13 months but I’m sure they’ll want to hear it 2,300 times. 🙂

These 2 diecasts are coming in the mainline (like the Easter CARS are now in the mainline and not some exclusive line) … as the only ones listed but there are really only 4 “new” diecasts shown in the book …

Dracula Mater & Speedy Devil Lightning McQueen …

Of course, Dracula Mater was already released as part of CARS 2 so will he be back this September?

Speedy Devil Lightning McQueen – looks pretty much like CARS 2 LM with tiny devil ears?

Only available as used … only about 4 pages and literally about 15 words.

Apparently Trunk or Treat is an actual thing – decorating your car trunk and filling it with candy … (Amazon link) When will the madness end?! I just want some candy.

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  • quercy says:

    The book title is TRUCK OR TREAT not TRUNK OR TREAT which IS a thing! 😉

    (MET: Oops, I knew I shouldn’t haven’t skipped kindergarten)

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