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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Golden Lightning McQueen IS a PROMO, OOPS

Thanks for the newest update, “David V.”

It turns out those GOLDEN LIGHTNING MCQUEEN listings in Europe and Canada were a MISTAKE!

“We have just discovered that the “Golden” Lightning McQueen IS definitely a promo. Each store should get only 1 assortment by Mattel, consisting in 24 Golden McQueens. These stores should offer a Golden McQueen for customers who buy more than 20€ EURO of Mattel Cars products, limited by 24 Golden McQueen’s per store.”


But, most of the stores who received them didn’t know about this promo and sold them like a regular single. Some of the websites who sold them have removed the product page, this is the case for the Greece one.

The Canada one has been removed …

I believe the US one is a mailaway so it shouldn’t be an issue as most US retailers do not want to deal with trying to sort it out at the store level …  and Mattel pretty much said the promo would run at the end of Summer.

But if you can’t wait, PaulsMartStore still has it in stock if you want one now instead of waiting. (thanks for the heads up ToyFountain).

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  • SEDEMA says:

    Sono SERGIO (Carsinitaly) da Italia.Voglio comunicare che in Italia, in questi giorni Mattel tramite la Catena giocattoli Toys Center,
    sta promuovendo un Vendita di Modelli CARS, con 25€ di Spesa minima si puo’ avere in Omaggio il “Saetta McQueen Gold Special Edition”.
    Ogni Punto Vendita ne ha ricevuto 1 Scatola di 24 pz. Quindi penso che la Tiratura non sia Limitata.
    Se qualcuno ha notizie sulla possibile Tiratura a livello mondiale di questo personaggio, ci faccia sapere.

    • MackDaddy says:

      In English:

      I’m SERGIO (Carsinitaly) from Italy I want to communicate that in Italy, these days Mattel through the Toys Center toys chain,
      is promoting a sale of CARS models, with a minimum spend of € 25 you can get the “Lightning McQueen Gold Special Edition” as a gift.
      Each point of sale received 1 box of 24 pcs. So I think the Issue is not Limited.
      If anyone has any news on the possible worldwide circulation of this character, let us know.

  • e.davies1 says:

    Mattel made a mistake and listed these for retailers to purchase. I ordered 24,000 and they shipped. Paul ordered around 10,000 and received them. Mattel has now demanded that we return them, which I will, but that tells you there are plenty to go around. Even if you miss the mail away I am thinking these will be widely available somewhere.

    (MET: Whoops. 🙂 )

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Thanks for the update Met! So, 24 per store, huh? I have no idea how many stores are in the U.S., Canada, and the EU, or what stores these are getting shipped to. But if anyone knows, we can figure out how many of these there are TOTAL.

    (MET: In the US, I doubt they are doing a in-store event, it should be a mail away so it looks like you’ve have to buy $15-$20 worth of CARS, mail in your UPC & a receipt presumably …).

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