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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Fan Favorites Will Become Your Favorites

Thanks “Fabian S.” for the heads up and photos – the FAN FAVORITES line extension does exist. It was listed a while back with only a text description but it looks like the original list is accurate – a few missing so hopefully, there’s a wave 2.

They appear to be a Target exclusive? but not marked as such.

Team 95 Mater with a different Lightning Bolt hat (different from the 11-pack).

Dinoco Cruz with Tool Cart (only diecast in this series that appears to be a re-release with a new accessory – cart previously unavailable).

Team 51 Ramone with a new look and an oil can.

Team 95 Sarge (with Trophy Hat).

Team 95 & 51 Sheriff (with flags for both).

Team 95 & 51 Maddy McGear  (with #51 foam – not on her regular release).

So, these are nice – ALL NEW versions – not just slight repaints or only with accessories (Cruz excepted).

The original list also includes Luigi & Guido, Flo & a second Ramone.

This is epilogue “Saludos Amigos” Ramone but then again, the artwork/accessories/add-ons in this series are not really canon (not complaining, just pointing it out).

“Saludos Amigos” Ramone


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  • quercy says:

    Found Sheriff and Ramone today. Ramone is really nice !

  • shaunnydee says:

    I really like this series, good to see a new variant of Sheriff and Sarge!! And absolutely LOVE the new Ramone!!!
    Fingers crossed this series makes it to Australia!!!

  • MackDaddy says:

    Fan favorites? Who’s picking the favorites? How about bringing back the Storyteller Motorama girls Sheila, Laverne & Rhonda or Damaged Mood Springs? Those are some of MY favorites that were impossible to get and you have to pay hundreds of dollars for on eBay! Kind of like when they re-released Frank and Bessie! Those were favorites! Any other hard to find FAVORITES you can think of? 😕

    • quercy says:

      Totally agree with you. Chuy, Bye Bye Car and several other nice Toons especially El Metador who never get released in USD I believe, Bubba would be really appreciated too I guess… If there is a wave 2 chances are good we will see the drifters again… DJ, Snot Rod, Wingo and Booster… we did not have seen these for a while now and they are always very popular.

  • John says:

    Found them at Target today.

  • John says:

    Team 95 Mater has a Piston Cup hat. The lightning bolt is in the card art behind.

    These are all canon, see the closing credits for Cars 3.

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