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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Fan Favorites Will Become Your Favorites

Thanks “Fabian S.” for the heads up and photos – the FAN FAVORITES line extension does exist. It was listed a while back with only a text description but it looks like the original list is accurate – a few missing so hopefully, there’s a wave 2.

They appear to be a Target exclusive? but not marked as such.

Team 95 Mater with a different Lightning Bolt hat (different from the 11-pack).

Dinoco Cruz with Tool Cart (only diecast in this series that appears to be a re-release with a new accessory – cart previously unavailable).

Team 51 Ramone with a new look and an oil can.

Team 95 Sarge (with Trophy Hat).

Team 95 & 51 Sheriff (with flags for both).

Team 95 & 51 Maddy McGear  (with #51 foam – not on her regular release).

So, these are nice – ALL NEW versions – not just slight repaints or only with accessories (Cruz excepted).

The original list also includes Luigi & Guido, Flo & a second Ramone.

This is epilogue “Saludos Amigos” Ramone but then again, the artwork/accessories/add-ons in this series are not really canon (not complaining, just pointing it out).

“Saludos Amigos” Ramone


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