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The Great Star Wars Heist: Stolen Proto Boba Fett …

Just a crazy story … the story has got almost everything – Star Wars, mystery, collectibles, betrayal, crime, money, community and intrigue  … well, maybe not any women …  ;lol;

I’ve just discovered my prototype Rocket Fett was stolen from my Star Wars museum at my workshop in Texas. It was sealed in an AFA case with rocket and certification. The photo above was taken by a guest in the last two weeks so the theft is recent. Detailed photos of the loose Fett are on our vintage Fett archive page. Needless to day, if anybody should hear anything about a Fett like this floating around, please contact me.”

Read the entire tale here at POP MECHANICS.

Apparently you can blame (?) Mattel for the firing Boba Fett issue …

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21 June 2019 Disney Star Wars One Comment

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