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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles DXV29-958 Box J – Jump for Joy

The J case is another nice assortment – if it’s not hitting your store pegs, you can pick up the entire case.

Cool new retro racers, Heyday Rier Scott & Duke Coulters.

4 NEW CARS 3 – Mo Revlin, Motor Turner, Jenn Tansedan & Jenny Towland.

Two new for Pit Row – Metallic Shannon Spokes and Sterling with Headset.

Variant re-releases from CARS 2: Cruz Besouro is just out in another case – he is a unibody now along with the eyelid line and a darker green. Carla & Lightning CARS 2 have been out already – variants.

FROM CARS 1, Fillmore with a flat windshield, eye position and mouth. Greg Candyman has the eyelid line and Mater is the heavy full unibody diecast including the tow bed (out for a while but in case you haven’t picked one up).

All variants from 2017/2018 but more common – Jackson Storm, Rust-Eze Lightning & Dinoco Cruz.

Collect ’em all.


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