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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Thailand Fillmore 2019 is Not So Sleepy

Thanks, “Mark T.” for the nice photos.

Fillmore 2019 has a lot of little differences, the decals look darker in color throughout …

Especially the rainbows.

Though weirdly, Fillmore as “Race Team Fillmore” generally had the heavier saturated colors decals (but NOT all just the version releases … weird, of course). As RT Fillmore, he went flat windshield.

Then when Fillmore returned as Fillmore, his light color decals returned.

But the main diff is the face in the 2019 variant, he has a less sleepy look and his mouth is painted in – plus the Thailand eye line variant. His windshield went flat for the Radiator Springs Fillmore release.

Righteous, man.

Fillmore’s original look …

2015 Minor variant. Still raised/metal eyelids.

2017 Radiator Springs Fillmore (diff eye position, painted mouth, flat windshield).

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