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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 2017 Demo Derby Thunder Hollow Diecasts FINAL Visual Checklist

Here is the wrap checklist for the 2017 Demo Derby Thunder Hollow diecasts. There are a couple minor variants not included if they didn’t get much of a release …

They are in scale to each other.

Somehow the label for Dr. Damage got dropped – one is the shiny overspray version – the other one is a matte finish. I presume te matte finish are the correct ones are they are supposed to be damaged/wrecked cars.

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  • RobbieGee says:

    @MET: If u need pictures of the Mr.Drippy Variant i can send you, cause i have both unboxed. 😉
    Whats about the differences on Jimbo?

    (MET: No, I believe there are two versions of Mr. Drippy appears but with so few versions out there …)

  • RobbieGee says:

    …there are also two variant of Mr Drippy – Dirt Variant and Clean Variant. On your picture theres only the clean one.
    …whats the difference on these both Jimbo? Theres nothing written on?

    (MET: There’s this post – but since there were not a lot of Mr. Drippy’s around – it’s hard to tell …)

  • TTFN says:

    I’ve noticed that there’s another Miss Fritter variant not listed here. There is a correct stop sign matte finish and correct stop sign glossy finish. Is that not a concern?

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