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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Metal Mini Diecasts Upcoming 2018

Thanks “Alex L” for the heads up on Wave 3 (posted earlier).

In addition to the launcher previously revealed ,,,

There is a fun carrying case-track set … Mini Racers Crank & Crash Derby Playse

If you’re a completist collector, clear some show space … there are TWO Mini mack transporters.

Open the side panel to load up to 12 racers in or roll them down the ramp on the road to victory. You can also use Mack truck as a cool push around toy! Includes 1 Lightning McQueen mini metal vehicle, others sold separately, Carries up to 12 mini metal racers. Side door opens for easy load in, roll out and storage.Recreate favorite movie scenes with a popular character and setting!

AND I think coming in Fall 2018 – a version that comes with 5 Mini’s …

This complete movie themed play pack includes 5 metal mini vehicles and a mini Mack hauler! Mack is loaded and ready to recreate key scenes as the team prepares for Lightning McQueen’s next epic race. The set includes an exclusive Lightning McQueen vehicle with primer body, Mater, Luigi, Ramone and Sheriff. When the champ’s wheels are tuned to winning standards, open Mack’s side panel, load the cars in, and drive off to victory! Features:?Complete Disney•Pixar Cars play set with 5 mini metal vehicles and a mini Mack hauler. Truck’s side door opens to easily load and unload cars.??Includes exclusive Lightning McQueen vehicle with primer body, Mater, Luigi, Ramone and Sheriff.

(this is actually a mini Mack from Yujin (2009) – more pics HERE).


In addition to the 3-packs available in the UK …

We will be getting 5-packs, 10-packs, 15-packs and even a 21-pack!

I think each of the 10, 15 & 21-packs will include an exclusive “mystery” vehicle, not sure if it’s a mystery now or then when you look at the packaging (will one by under a flap or black bubble?) … so it looks you won’t really need to feel mystery bags or track the numbers as most should be in plain view in the 3 to 21 packs. Each of the 3-pack above contain vehicles NOT available as a single so if you’re collecting them all, buying box sets is probably the way to go.

For instance, the two 5-packs for Spring, 2018 are listed as: CARS SPRING 5 PACK (METALLIC CRUZ) & the other one as CARS SPRING 5 PACK (METALLIC MATER).

Collect ’em all!

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