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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Metal Mini Diecasts Wave 3

Thanks for the heads up and great detailed photos, “Alex L.”

These are from the UK but the US is most likely the same …


This time, the 39 single “blind bag” cars are divided into 4 “themes”:

Radiator Springs (1 new release of Flo, plus 9 re-releases)

Cars 3 (the other 15 from the first 2 waves, no new releases)

Metallic (6 metallic versions of old releases)
Derby Racers (8 new releases, mix of new cars & repaints of Lightning/Cruz)

Each theme also has a 3 pack, not sure how/when these will come out, but each has 1 exclusive & 2 re-releases:

Metallic: Fabulous Lightning McQueen  (with Jackson & Cruz)
Derby Racers: Mr Drippy (with Frances Beltline & Chester Whipplefilter)
Radiator Springs: Red (with Mater & Ramone)
Cars 3: Cruz Ramirez Rust-Eze (with Jackson & Lightning)

Unfortunately the bag numbers have been reset, so they don’t match the numbers for wave 1 & 2.
The numbers for the new wave, for the seven I’ve found:

02 – Mater (Radiator Springs) – was 05
14 – Jackson Storm Metallic (Metallic) – New Release
29 – Ramone Florida (Radiator Springs) – was 13
31 – Murray Clutchburn (Cars 3) – was 09
37 – Danny Swervez (Cars 3) – was 23
38 – Cruz Ramirez Metallic (Metallic) – New Release
39 – Lightning McQueen Dirt Track (Derby Racers) – New Release

Once we get a full numbering DB, then we’ll know which numbers to skip over for those who have been collecting already – besides FLO, #1 to #37 might be re-releases?

The US one probably will simply be in English only under the METAL snipe and the “contains’ box.

You also get a poster in each bag.

The US checklist of Wave 1 & 2 are HERE.

See our next post for more news on UPCOMING MINI DIECASTS!


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