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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Ramone with Air Gun, Keep ‘Em Separated

Thanks “John H.” for trying to help us sort through the Ramone’s with air/compressor guns …

Body Shop Union Jack Ramone (from 2015)

How is he different from “Union Jack Ramone?” (besides the air gun?) – his eyes are in the lower position and he has a new crease on his face.

This is “Body Shop Ramone” with Body Shop Union Jack Ramone.

Without the air gun, he’s “Artist Ramone.” (more photos HERE).


So, you’re thinking if he comes with a air gun, he’s automatically “Body Shop _______ Ramone,” right?

You’d be wrong.

This is “Hydraulic Yellow Ramone.” (More photos HERE).


So, “Hydraulic” as a prefix supersedes “Body Shop,” right … well, unless he’s called Hydraulic but not really Hydraulic.

“Hydraulic Ramone.”

“Hydraulic Ramone Metallic.” (also not very Hydraulicky and only vaguely Metallic).

BTW, if his air gun is on the OTHER hand-wheel, he’s “Paint Job Ramone.” NEVER “Body Shop!” What is you? … an igit? (More Photos HERE).


There will be a quiz …

AND as the cliche goes – that ain’t even the half of it.

Confused? Don’t be – just collect ’em all.

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