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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs Tractor – a Variant Gains Traction

Thanks “Lauren R.” for the nice pics of the new Radiator Springs Classic Tractor.

Just released in the Deluxe lineup …

It’s a variant – his eyes are positioned higher & his eyelids are higher.


I went back to look at the 2015 tractor release – there were the beginning of slight production changes … it’s still the “sleepy-eye” look but …

No painted radiator cap and exposed engine area not painted.

The 2015 Tractor Stampede Box Set with two tractors – both contained the “same” sleepy time look Tractor …

This is the Tractor from 2006 (below).


The 2017 Radiator Springs (TRU only) version is DEFINITELY another variant.

When the next overall checklist gets updated, I’ll add the 2015 minor variant version + the 2017 eyes position variant.

Collect ’em all.

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