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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Tractor Stampede is a Gift Pack!

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a nice enticing box set but Tractor Stampede makes you want to cowboy up! Thanks for the great photos and heads up, “John H.”

tractor stampede

Of course, who doesn’t need more cow Tractors – this is even a nice deal at $19.99 since Tractors are now Deluxe AND we even get a new Ramone!

tractor stampede back

He was listed just as Yellow Ramone so our expectations were pretty low but we get a Hydraulic Body Shop Ramone – named YELLOW HYDRAULIC RAMONE (though the photo looks like a color changer … the actual one in the box though looks like normal nice metallic yellow Ramone with a paint gun and hydraulic.

yellow hydraulic ramone

Tar Lightning might even be a variant if his eyebrows are flat (can’t really tell from the photo) – Mater is probably a variant as he has also lost his raised eyebrows …

Mack Dip & Dunk is out so now you have a transporter for your Color Changers. Is this a new WGP Lightning – I think the other one changed from yellow to black?

dip dunk mack

Amazon has this Dip & Dunk Mack for $19.99.

And a few of the singles as add-on items.



dip dunk back

They also have singles on sale at @$4.49 though the “sale” will last another month …



Thanks for the photos and heads up, “John H.”

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