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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Super Chase Frances Beltline – Here’s Mud in Your Eyes

All your mysteries solved here.

Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline. A very nice diecast with great mud effects look from the film – mud tampo decals with a clear coat shiny overspray.

The Super Chase version (Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline) on the surface does not look substantially different. More mud splatter covering the LM 95 race team logo. Matte finish.  Windshield line and slightly different eye position.

More mud on the back.

Some very slight additional mud splatter underneath (SC on the left).

But the photos don’t really do it justice. The mud effects on the Super Chase (Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline) are 3D mud. It is raised – if you run your fingers across them, you can feel it raised and bumpy as you would through real mud splatter that is dried. Brilliant.

So, how it is done? Well, that’s pretty simple. It is just another mold/mould based on the regular Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline mold but with added 3D effects. It’s not paint ops as it would be too expensive on a tiny diecast AND they are EXACTLY the same mud splatter on every one of the SC diecasts. It’s a mold. And it grows on you.

Too bad some-many people will not open their Super Chase (Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline) and not get to really appreciate the great design effects and effort on a tiny diecast.

Truly a tiny treasure hunt locked away in a tiny plastic bubble prison.  🙁

Set your Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline FREE!


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  • tzdtmm says:

    I recently found a non Super Chase single that now has the flat/matte finish and black windshield frame
    just like the Walmart Thunder Hollow 5 pack I had bought previously.
    It’s funny how many variants this muddy Cruz has now!
    1. Super Chase with flat finish black frame and more mud and texture
    with bumpy tires, 2. then the early release muddy Cruz with gloss finish no black frame,
    less mud, smooth sidewall tires, and then 3. the T.H. 5 pack and single I described below.

    -John V.

  • tzdtmm says:

    Just a FYI, in the Thunder Hollow 5-pack from Walmart (at least in the one I bought), Cruz has the black framed windshield and matte finish, making it look a lot like this Super Chase (minus the slight extra mud and textures/raised areas on the body and sidewall tires).

    -John V.

    (MET: The box set I got only had the regular Cruz but I’ll check next time I’m at WM).

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