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Shop Mattel Upgrade – Mattel Vault Membership

ShopMattel.com looks like it’s replacing MattyCollector.com and offering membership tiers in the Mattel Vault.

For CARS collectors, it seems like a pretty good deal.

It looks like it’s either OR – that you cannot sign up for the SILVER and the GOLD to get the 20% coupon AND the $20 “rebate” by switching to the GOLD though you can probably sign up with two emails and two mailing addresses (not sure if they track mailing addresses). Of course, the SILVER doesn’t cost any money to sign up – though it probably depends on how much you plan on spending.

If you are not collecting the Precision Series playsets and you are not interested in anything else Mattel sells, then hitting $80 a quarter is pretty tough. Especially since you cannot use the coupon for a SDCC exclusives (such as the current Lightning McQueen set) so you might just tilt towards the SILVER membership as it’s free and you get a 20% coupon for everything else. To be safe, you might use a secondary email and a second mailing address just in case you want to GOLD it later.

For those who might/will buy their Precision Series playsets & vehicles (at Mattel) and exclusives, the GOLD essentially costs you $4.99 a year if you are willing to spend $80 in one quarter/year … while you cannot spend your credit/rebate on SDCC items, buying SDCC items counts towards the credit/rebate. For CARS collectors, if you are interested in Precision Series playsets, it can be a savings – for instance Sally’s Crazy Cone coming in Spring 2018 is reported to be $119 dollars so with one purchase, you get $20 dollars credit/rebate. It’s not actual a dollar rebate but credit to be applied. Of course, if you are interested in other Mattel lines, then the GOLD is the way to go as you accrue $20 PER QUARTER so if you can hit $80 two quarters in a row, membership is then completely covered by your credit. And you get free ground shipping for the contiguous US.

The GOLD tier also promises access to other exclusives but no promise of CARS items.

Though there is no mention of D23 Expo items so that might fall under something only GOLD members can buy?

Everyone can join worldwide but they can only ship to the US, Canada & the UK. GOLD TIER Free shipping for the lower 48 states only. Oh, yes, if you live in the Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Sudan – you cannot sign up or buy – sorry, dudes.

Also, it’s not a limited offer so you can wait until you’re ready to buy (SDCC/D23 items might be available in 2 weeks?)

You can find the general disclaimers and offer HERE.

You can find the detailed legalese here – you cannot presell!



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