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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: The Advent Calendar of Fun

When the CARS Advent calendar was first announced, it could’ve been some cheap thing with paper cutouts of things like temporary tattoos but it turns out it’s cute and quite nice – adult collectors will want their own. 🙂

It comes with 5 Mini’s – presumably all of these will be out by Christmas time? But still nice.

Plus 3 Pit Row Barriers that are 1:55 scaled (from the new “Movie Moments” lineup).

The Jackson Storm and Dinoco #42 have never been released.

You also get 2 tool chests and  1 oil can. Plus 6 cones.

And 7 flags – looks like they fit into Dexter Hoover and the new CARS 3 flag CAR which is pretty cool. I seen 6 of the flags in races, what’s the blue with red stripe? Time for a PBR run?

Here’s the overall pic for scale.

This doesn’t look like it’s finished but here’s what the box might look like.

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