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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Walgreen’s is So Done + Todd at Dollar General

I guess when your film moves from IMAX 3D to the regular screens, Walgreen’s will CLEARANCE you faster than Guido’s tire change.

And some slightly stale FISH OIL … “Michael VN,” also notes that any extra Todd’s seem to have wound up at Dollar General … happy shopping!

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  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Walgreen’s is a drug store. I don’t know how anyone convinced Walgreen’s to have a stand alone display. There must have been a really good marketer. Generally Walgreen’s just has several Cars or any other toy on a single peg for a grab and go sale. So, what’s suppose to happen when there is over production of any particular car? Send them to the wrecking yard? No, put them into another case assortment. Since Todd has been seen elsewhere I’ll have to keep a lookout at Big Lots just out of curiosity sake.

    Frankly, no matter what store I shop at Cars toys are stagnant. I expect the next big push to occur when the DVD comes out.

    (MET: During the rest of the year, their toy section is “created” by their distro centers – they open cases, place X number of different lines in cartons of toys based on the size and sales of the store and employees at that store peg them … so yes, stores getting a POP display is a bigger deal though perhaps of the size, no stores around me in Northern Cal seems to have gotten the display – the DVD is coming out in SEPT though my guess they will get a new display if they do, a POP display is usually scheduled for no more than about 3 weeks).

  • kfalcon77 says:

    walgreens is still the only place I’ve been able to find Mr. clean as a whistle Todd. Why do you suppose he is rust free as well? A car wash would make sense but the lack of rust etc unless Todd is part of a fleet and his name should be something else.

  • I found a Todd at Walmart in a Walmart tray display on 7/3.

  • gah5 says:

    Man, Todd still not seen in Aust..

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