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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: UPDATE FAQ – Kmart CARS Day Event 2017

Here the official word on the upcoming Kmart CARS Day Event …

“The Kmart collector event will take place the Saturday, June 17th. Shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase five diecast singles, and mail in their proof of purchase to receive a free gift with purchase. That gift is the latest in our “Precision Series” 1:55th diecast assortment– Lightning McQueen in a new look from Cars 3.

This will be the first chance for Cars fans to collect the precision series version of this never-before-seen deco. In addition to the GWP item, we will also be featuring two “first look” diecast characters that will be on shelf (and online) at KM for the event.

In sum, for Cars collectors looking for the latest Cars 3 diecast vehicles, the KM Cars collector event is a must-see!”

Your TakeFiveaDay FAQ

So, the Lightning McQueen is a Precision Series LM?

Yes, it’s a PRECISION SERIES CARS 3 Lightning McQueen – so as with the others in the series, it will come in a acrylic box with stand.

(this is the Precision Series Lightning McQueen as an example for those not collecting the Precision Series – though you should if you are not).   😆

lightning box

This explains the $9.99 list price (as are the other singles released so far).

What if I don’t live near a Kmart?

Apparently this Kmart Store Database claims it will tell you if your store is hosting the event. Though of course, we don’t know the accuracy or validity of the store search (does it exclude stores closing which are presumably not hosting the event?) Test it and let us know. It probably wouldn’t hurt to call the store.

So if I go into my Kmart on June 17th, I will find 2 early release diecasts?


Note, they are NOT exclusives – just “first to Kmart.”

What about the “12-pack?”

It sounds like the 12-pack will be available online starting tomorrow (JUNE 10, 2017) and that might be the only way to qualify to get the Precision Series Lightning online as they are presumably NOT selling the singles online. That is NOT explicitly stated but that seems logical – as they don’t want to deal with selling singles online and it’s one way to drive people into stores. We do not know what is in the 12-pack, are the 2 “early” release CARS 3 diecasts in this 12-pack? … presumably but maybe we’ll know tomorrow. I think we can presume the 12-pack will be around $48 (12 x $4 is the general rule of thumb).

Though if there are singles left over after June 17th, will they starting singles online or the entire case?


So if I go into my Kmart on June 17th, it’s a better deal?


Well, that’s depends on you and the circumstances of your store. Here’s how the process is supposed to work. You drew numbers and in order, you got a case to open. You could select 5 CARS. In the early days of the Kmart CARS Day Events, there were up to 60 cases per store so if you drew a number lower than 60, you got a case to pick the 5 you wanted. After everyone who showed up got their five, then it was a free for all. As the Kmart CARS Day Events went along, some store got fewer and fewer cases so in some stores, there was not much of a guarantee of anything.

So, on June 17 (for CARS Day #11), the question ultimately depends on how many cases your store gets and how many people show up. AND of course, the 2 new early release CARS … if they are racers, you can presume most people will want those TWO and of course, how many are in each of these special cases? If there’s 5 of the two in this case, the early number people will get to select and effectively buy all 5 from that case – though obviously if 10 people how up and there are 12 cases, you are okay … will there be 10 of them in this case?


Especially since it’s been about 4 years since the last Kmart CARS Day Event … so it’s a lot of unknown.

AND presuming the singles are not going to be available online, you can pick up 5 singles for around $20 (or are they $5 at Kmart – then it’s $25 – we’ll wait here for you if you don’t trust my math).

In addition, there’s some sort of sweepstakes.

More info as it comes in.

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  • Rainman says:

    Precison Fabulous Mcqueen has arrived.

  • CarsFan70MI says:

    My case arrived today (6/13/17).

    MY case contents are as follows:

    (3) Cars 3 Lightning McQueen
    (1) Mater
    (1) Fillmore
    (1) Cruz Ramirez
    (1) Chick Hicks w/ Headset
    (1) Tim Treadless
    (1) Bobby Swift
    (1) Dud Throttleman
    (1) Rex Revler
    (1) Ralph Carlow

    I am curious what others are receiving and/or if we can keep track of it somewhere.

    Just curious is all.

    I did quite well with pricing, as I had $14.00 in reward cash (or whatever it is called) and chose FREE shipping (my package arrived 2 days later via UPS).

    • quercy says:

      I received 3 cases today…. exact same content.

      The box have the following number DXV29-9995

      I was expecting them to be in a collector box similar to the one they did with Mack on it couple years ago or the 5 racers with McQueen on it or the 9 Planes box with Chug…

      I can place my order tonight for the promo.

    • Rainman says:

      same exact Content for one case with the 9995 ending numbers.
      case 9996 has :

      Jack Depost
      Brick Yardley
      2- Cars 3 LMQ
      Chester Whipplefilter
      Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
      Daniel Brakeston
      Danny Swervez
      Tex Dinoco
      Jackson Storm

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Amen to that! For my area of Washington State I know two of the stores listed will not be participating because they are shuttered. The third is in the process of getting ready to close. The last time I did go to a Cars event at one of the K-Marts there were more cases than people. This “first to market” concept is a sham to sucker people into the store. K-Mart does it with Hot Wheels. If there was an exclusive castings to the event maybe there would be greater interest. Right now in all my local stores there is hardly a dent in the stand alone displays or on the pegs. Hope the movie gets good reviews and stays away from toy violence.

    • quercy says:

      Just finish to read the book. No spoiler here, but Cars 3 is all about racing… in fact Cars 2 could be erased from our memories and no one would miss anything. I really like Cars 3 story and feel somehow connected since I am entering in my pre retiring era… 😉 For me, they saved the brand !

      • kachow95 says:

        i wasn’t a big fan of cars 2 which made me stop collecting for a while, but cars 3 does catch my attention and feel that vibe; which got me back to collecting.

        • quercy says:

          Even without having seen the movie yet the racers are very appealing. Reeealy hard to resist. I like the transition idea…. not all racers are replaced with Next Gen cars. 🙂

  • quercy says:

    hmmmm… so far, no sign of that 12-pack online…

    • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

      It’s there and listed at $59.88. Besides the fact that I will be at the event next Sat. the official description couldn’t entice me to buy this set because it couldn’t even guarantee that the buyer will get both early releases. The only thing it gets close to guaranteeing the buyer is priority access to the limited qty of PS LMQ, assuming there be an incredible turnout/demand for the event.

      I’ve copied and pasted the website’s description: (with spelling errors on Lightning and Torquey)

      “Each bundle contains at least 1 Lighting McQueen, 1 Mater and 1 of the 2 early-release cars shown here (Lil’ Tourquey or Tow Cap) plus 9 additional assorted cars. Mixes may vary.”


  • Dunroamin says:

    I put my money on Lil Torquey and Tow cap…from the picture

  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Stopped in and verified with my “sole survivor” store this afternoon their participation in the CARS event. The associate said that “so far” there are 5-6 cases that are “longer looking” and probably hold 20-24 cars each.

    Stores can have different price points, but this one looks to be selling their CARS 3 diecasts at a SALE price of $4.49, which is down 10% from their regular $4.99 price point through June 26.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    so I’m guessing it’s this then?

    (FGY91) Precision Series Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    UPC: 887961518702
    Amazon: http://amzn.to/2smlmOh

    (MET: No pics so could be – but likely we will get several Precision Series CARS 3 releases … if it is, they won’t reveal as we don’t really know what the Epilogue LM looks like unil the film comes out).

  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Oh boy! Don’t trust that database-it has stores on there that I watched close their doors forever last year! Pretty bad that even their own store finder doesn’t reflect that!

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