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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Singles on Amazon

The Precision Series singles are listed on Amazon – though not yet available to order.

Thanks for the heads up “John H.”

Precision Series Lightning McQueen

lightning box precision lightning

It is a little odd that the “segmented” face seam is there but it seems to be a unibody.

precion lightning hood


precison lightning back

Each car comes with a tiny keychain like “dog tag.”

lightning precision license

This is likely a prototype photo with screws instead of rivets – note the “rubber” tires.

lightning base


The photos supplied by Disney seems to indicate it is a unibody which makes more sense …

Lightning hood WM

… So I’m guessing the final one is a unibody.

Precision Series Ramone.

ramone box

Ramone’s feature is raising tires – you can probably set them at slightly different heights? This seems to be the first Ramone with a tongue and teeth – if that’s important to you.

oprecision ramone close

ramone plate

These are “rubber tires,” and the trunk opens.

ramone trunk

While this lifting feature is not quite the same as the hydraulics on Ramone in the films, I’m guessing the reason if they went with the thinner look on the regular Hydraulic Ramone’s that it will probably snap off – either as a production issue or a toddler safety reason.

ramone base

Precision Series Doc Hudson.

doc box

Nice grippy tires – presumably “rubber” tires. Nice underside detailing.

doc under

And opening hood. Fun looking engine detailing.


Oh yes, the Amazon description is ff in describing them as 1:48 scale – they are 1:55 – not sure why Amazon thinks these are 1:48 – unless they’re measuring the acrylic box as part of the CAR? So, 1:55 as they are built on the current bodies.

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  • todds2rugrats says:

    The Flos v8 cafe precission set ordered from mattel.com was 155.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    The Flo that comes with the V8 Cafe set is certainly 1:55; I suspect who ever listed these on Amazon just had no clue what scale they were.

    The Ramone with hydraulics look like they function the same way as the Hot Wheels from a few years ago that have the same feature.

  • fongkx says:

    Do these cars move within the case? I see the two lines/grooves in front of the car and wondering if there is a slider to make them move back and forth.

    <strong>(MET: I was wondering about that – you might be right).

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    These look neat however is amazon correct on the 1:43 scale? Does that sit with the precision playsets are they built for 1:43 cars?

    (MET: Yeah, forgot to note the weird incorrect Amazon description – will add, sorry).

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