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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Month 1 Variant Update

Here’s an update on variants so far. You can check our first post HERE.


In the 11-pack, he’s been corrected. On the roof of the single and 2-pack, his name on the roof reads HANK WEATHERS.

Is it Danny or Daniel? The production dates show DANNY produced first and then switched to DANIEL. However, the poster says DANNY. There’s no name on the CAR so until we get an “MEET THE CARS” type book for CARS 3 or when the movie comes out, of course.

Ponchy Wipeout has the error black eyebrows … will we get a correction?

And Octane Gain/Bobby Swift’s Hauler – which is the correct color? It seems the PURPLE ones were produced earlier and then they switched to the bluer one which is more correct as the new Octane Gain-Bobby Swift is more blue.

So, it appears that the PURPLE one is the error …

People have asked about the Cal Weathers – Dinoco Hauler being different colors but so far, they just look like slight production variants – unlike the obvious color difference of Bobby Swift’s hauler but maybe if I see more examples …

Thanks for the great pics, “Damian V.” and “John H.”

Happy collecting!

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  • DBCarsGuy says:

    Anyone else take notice that Ponchy with the black eyelids also comes with either black or yellow wheels? Based on previous releases, I assume yellow wheels to be the variant. I’ve seen slightly fewer of those on the pegs.

    (MET: Some people have reported in but not sure if it’s an error (few) or many (variant) ).

  • John says:

    Lots of 11-pack Cal Weathers have “Hank” on the car too.

  • JaredJaded says:

    Can anyone verify the paint job on single Smokey? The one I’ve seen in Singapore (in a training box set with Cruz, lightning, Luigi and guido with haystacks) has “rust” and wear on the fenders and back carriage but the hood and roof are “brand new”…

  • hypercarrots says:

    They are eyeLIDS. who has eyebrows below the eyes?

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