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Disney Pixar CARS 3: The New Mini’s & Mini’s Blind Bag

There may be THREE Plastic MINI’s for CARS 3. First out are two? from Thinkways Toys.

Not much value – $3.99 for NOT a vehicle but a plastic figurine – the WHEELS do not function. It does NOT roll.

The penny is for scale.

Well, technically at TRU, diecast singles are $4.99 so these are a dollar cheaper but at Target or WM, you can get a diecast for cheaper than a non-rolling mini hunk of plastic.

What’s weird is that THINKWAY seems to have a second line of plastic mini’s. These are about 2″ in length – I would’ve presumed these roll but now I’m not so sure … if anyone actually buys these, give us a review.

Visual checklist of the larger plastic series.

Yes, Mattel has a series of blind bag decasts also … plastic? diecast? Unknown until they hit the stores.

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10 May 2017 Disney Pixar CARS 3 2 Comments


  • BMW says:

    There are 8 different Mattel diecast minis at Walgreens. A much better value for the money than the Thinkway plastic at TRU. Chick Hicks seems to be shortpacked in the set.

  • hypercarrots says:

    Are you talking about the Mattel blind bags at Walgreens? They are die cast! And they roll! And they are 3.99

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