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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Road Trip Next Wave

Walmart has a couple of the next 2-packs …

Sarge & Trailer and Sheriff & Trailer

Close up of the trailer interiors.

Non-removeable items.

There’s also a couple new Road Trip 2-pack coming …

Red with a cute mini trailer wagon.

Fillmore is out as a single but an accompanying trailer is new.


“RefriedBeans” sends along pics of what the Luigi-Guido & Lizzie singles will look like. Thanks!

There’s also a 3-pack and a Mack coming.

BTW, the Sarge & Trailer and Sheriff & Trailer 2-packs didn’t ring up at Walmart. Fortunately the toy department wasn’t that far away so I got them to ring up Cruisin’ LM with trailer’s UPC but this was probably out a little early and either part of the new sidekick or the next retail reset.

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