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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Outback Miles Axelrod

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

Outback-Miles-Axelrod-3-4-front Outback-Miles-Axelrod-front Outback-Miles-Axelrod-rside Outback-Miles-Axelrod-lside Outback-Miles-Axelrod-rear Miles-Axelrod-&-Outback-Miles-Axelrod-rside non-electric-Axelrod-wheels Miles-Axelrod-&-Outback-Miles-Axelrod-rear Miles-Axelrod-&-Outback-Miles-Axelrod-front 5-Axelrods_04 5-Axelrods_02

(Whoops, forgot to add – it’s the last of the 3 Deluxe Super Chases of 2016).

3-of-4-2016-Superchases_02 3-of-4-2016-Superchases_01 Outback-Miles-Axelrod-screencap

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