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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Road Trip Trailers Loaded at Walmart

Thanks “John H.” for the great photos.

Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen with Trailer is up first. More photos tomorrow. They are $9.97 exclusives at Walmart ONLY.


John H. notes that the quality can be iffy so look carefully.



The added hook versus regular Cruisin.


The trailer is different for each character.




Lightning’s include a non-removeable stack of tires and a rusteze can.


“The quality on this was is really terrible, please let the other collectors know.

On Lightning the hood decal is crooked and there are chips in other decals. The roof top carrier has a large fingerprint in the paint and was on crooked.

The trailer consists of three large decals, each side wall and the roof/top of the hatch. The decals are largely clear and there are many air bubbles trapped under the decal which we can’t rub out. I don’t know if the photos show even half the bubbles. Normally a few imperfections are OK with us, but for $10 this set ought to be a lot better.”

Thanks for the heads up & great photos, “John H.”




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  • tzdtmm says:

    I’m tempted to buy the single of this McQueen, rip it apart, and add
    that base plate with the hitch to a ‘Road Repair Mcqueen’ and see if
    Bessie could be towed then. Anyone try and hitch this Cruisin’ McQueen
    to Bessie yet? Does the ball remotely fit the Bessie front end? I haven’t
    seen this series yet, for me to try this idea out.

    (MET: Bessie has a tiny ball but since LM has the hitch also, it’s not compatible but Bessie has an empty space behind her hitch so it’s still theoretically possible).

  • ylow281 says:

    Can anyone confirm if all the characters come with trailers? I’ve only seen Lightning, Ramone and Mater with trailers. The rest are singles. I passed them up because I’d like to get them with the trailers but I don’t know if they actually have them. thanks

    (MET: While we haven’t seen pics of the other three with trailers, it seems an almost certainty that the three other trailers will be released in wave 2).

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