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Disney Pixar CARS 3: More Reveals

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Cars 3 Teaser

CARS 3 Director Brian Fee reveals info  …

“Championship racer Lightning McQueen, voiced byOwen Wilson, will need help to compete in the increasingly high-tech racing world of the upcoming Cars 3.

That’s where the new trainer comes in — the sleek, yellow Cruz Ramirez is a young Hispanic female race car who instructs Lightning McQueen, as this exclusive concept art depicts during a beach run.


“Cruz Ramirez is trying to figure out how this old dog can learn some new tricks,” says Cars 3 director Brian Fee.

The story will stay in America, hitting historical race sites throughout the country.

“This movie is a love letter to racing and the American way,” says Fee. “We’re inspired by the Americana you see traveling through the South where every small town has a dirt track.”

You can read more at the USA Today.

Pixar CARS 3 (June 16, 2017)

380 DAYS until the movie out.

@312 DAYS until the diecasts?

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